Vietnamese human hair wigs and trend is sought after in the market

Vietnamese human hair wigs and trend is sought after in the market

Vietnam is one of the largest exporters of wigs and hair products in the world. Vietnam has all you need if you want to buy wigs for salon, wholesale or retail. Take a look at what makes Vietnamese human hair wigs stand out in this blog.

Vietnamese human hair wigs and trend is sought after in the market

Vietnamese human hair wigs and trend is sought after in the market

What is the Vietnamese human hair wigs

A wig is a hat made of synthetic hair or human hair. Wigs are used for people who have no hair or very little hair and also want to change their new look. Currently, Vietnamese human hair wigs are extremely popular in the hair market. 

Vietnamese human hair wigs are hard to find, so practically all human hair manufacturers in Vietnam sell bundles since hair bundles provide a greater profit. Besides, because Vietnamese technology is not contemporary enough to create hair wigs in huge volumes and because the exporting tax of Vietnamese human hair wigs to nations in the world is also more costly than bundles.

How to buy high quality vietnamese human hair wigs

Vietnamese hairpieces are recognized for their superior craftsmanship. But, many people can not afford Vietnamese human hair wigs of the highest quality. Below, you’ll find some guidance on how to select the best Vietnamese human hair wigs:

  • To determine if Vietnamese human hair wigs are prone to shedding: Request that the salesman touch or brush the hair from the tip to the bottom of the hair with moderate to strong force to determine if the hair is falling out or not.
  • For the color of Vietnamese human hair wigs, request them to run their fingers through the bundle of hair to determine if the color fades out. Fading color means that the hair will lose color very quickly
  • Examine the lace of Vietnamese human hair wigs carefully to determine if it is ​​ pierced or ripped.
  • Check length of wigs: Examine length of Vietnamese human hair wigs with care. Determine if the length of the longest section meets your specifications.
  • With curly human hair wigs, examine the curls to determine if they are able to comb and if they include many glue. To prevent the hair from losing its style if it contains a great deal of glue, it is required to wash it with condition, brush it lightly, and then apply a roller. Comb Vietnamese human hair wigs with greater force to determine if any hair falls out, so it may be rapidly straightened.
Vietnamese human hair wigs with high-quality

Vietnamese human hair wigs with high-quality

Vietnamese human hair wigs and more economical alternatives

If the price of Vietnamese human hair wigs causes you to hesitate, hair bundles from Vietnam are the ideal alternative.

After getting hair from Vietnamese women, the Vietnamese hair will be wrapped together into a Vietnamese hair bundle. The length of the bundle is usually between 8 and 32 inches, and the mean weight of a bundle is about 4.0 ounces (equivalent to 100 grams).

To create a complete wig for a person, three to five bundles are required. However, a Vietnamese hair bundle only costs 8$. You can purchase hair bundles and search where the wig is made. The production cost of a wig is about 50 USD while a Vietnamese human hair wigs costs about 120$. This will help you save more money than buying a whole Vietnamese human hair wigs. 

Top best suppliers to sell the high-quality vietnamese human hair wigs

The majority of Vietnamese hair providers sell hair bundles, while only few supply Vietnamese human hair wigs. To help you save time, we have compiled a list of the most reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers in the business.

4.1. Vin hair vendor – The leading supplier of Vietnamese human hair wigs

Vin hair vendor is known as the leading factory in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience in the hair industry

  • Product: There are numerous options for hair products, such as weave hair, bulk hair, closures & frontals. In particular, Vin hair vendor is famous for its high quality and highly sought after Vietnamese human hair wig products
  • Price: It can be said that the price offered by Vin hair vendor is the best compared to other suppliers because they have their own factory.
  • Service: When coming to Vin hair vendor, you will experience the most dedicated customer care services, everything Vin hair vendor also provides makes customers very satisfied.
Vietnamese human hair bundles

Vietnamese human hair bundles

4.2. Cyhair – The best supplier of Vietnamese human hair wigs

Cyhair is among the leading hair extension companies of high-quality Vietnamese human hair items and has a global customer base that is vast and devoted.

  • Product: closures frontals, tape hair, straight hair, bulk hair, raw hair, tip hair.
  • Pricing: The wholesale cost of Vietnamese human hair wigs for bleaching ranges from 561.75-213.50 USD per kilogram ( length from 14 inches to 32 inches)
  • Policy: 15-day refund and return policy

This supplier is a trusted supplier of quality Vietnamese human hair wigs and one of the leading Vietnam hair wholesalers.

4.3. Mic hair – The trustworthy supplier of Vietnamese human hair wigs

Mic Hair is a renowned manufacturer of Vietnamese human hair wigs and one of the leading Vietnamese hair wholesalers.

  • Product: weave hair, bulk hair, clip in hair, tape hair, closure & frontal…
  • Price: It is not inexpensive, but definitely worth the price. From $7.7 per hair bundle and $12.90 per 100 grams for various varieties.
  • Policy: Returns are accepted within 30 days.

Mic Hair is one of the best businesses to work with if you have high standards for the quality of your hair and the care you receive. Plus, they’ll give helpful advice to anyone considering starting a hair business

4.4. 5S hair – The sought-after supplier of Vietnamese human hair wigs

If you are seeking Vietnamese human hair wigs, this supplier is the best option because they can meet all of your needs.

  • Product: clip ins, straight hair, blonde hair and hair weft are all manufactured of 100% human hair from Vietnam.
  • Price: Beginning at 9$/bundle for raw remy hair, 5S Hair has a very reasonable rate.
  • Policy: two-day exchange and return policy

You may get Vietnamese hair from 5S Hair with great confidence in their superior quality and affordable pricing.

4.5. MCSARA – The reliable supplier of Vietnamese human hair wigs

MCSARA has been operating since the 1990s and is now widely recognized as Vietnam’s leading supplier of affordable, high quality hair.

  • Product:  weft hair, Vietnamese hair wigs, tape in, tip in hair,  clip in and hair extensions,…
  • Price: beginning at 9.8$ per bundle for 8-inches straight hair
  • Policy: Within seven days after delivery, customers may return or exchange items at no cost.

MCSARA is an excellent option when buying high-quality Vietnamese human hair wigs.

Natural and long-lasting, Vietnamese bone straight hair is among the most sought-after hair extension styles. You can discover a wealth of knowledge on Vietnamese bone straight hair here:

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