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Which hair transplant is best

FUE Natural Hair Transplant
FUE Natural Hair Transplant

People living worldwide, facing baldness, hair loss, thinning of hair on their head, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and mustache are generally unable to decide which hair loss treatment is best for them as they do not know true information about these treatments to select the right option against their hair loss. There are several types of hair loss treatments and hair transplants available worldwide against hair loss. People experiencing hair loss generally take alternative method or using medicines, hair wigs, hair extensions, change in diet, hair care products and many more but they could not get satisfaction against their hair loss as these are not permanent solution to their hair loss. They used to waste their precious time and funds before gettiing a permanent solution as they get confusion what treatment they must take to restore their hairs especially on head and face permanently. Second reason is that they used to get tension or stress which makes them not deciding a suitable treatment. They also like to have economic solution to their hair loss. We will mention here some types of hair loss treatments and hair transplants which must be known to people experiencing hair loss. These are given below so that they could not get confusion over these related terms.

Hair loss treatment by hair care products
Hair wigs for hair loss treatment
Hair extensions implants to treat hair loss
Synthetic hair transplant
Management of baldness
Baldness treatment
Natural hair transplant
FUE hair transplant
FUT hair transplant
Alopecia treatment
Use of Medicines against hair loss
Hair replacement treatment
Hair thinning treatment
Hair transplant on wounds
Hair transplants
Hair transplantation
Follicular hair transplant
Hair graft transplant
Human hair transplant
Best hair transplant
These all types of hair transplants usually confuse a hair loss experiencing person and he/she became quite unable to decide which one is best for him/her.

1. Hair loss treatment by hair care products:
Hair care products of several brands and companies including natural hair dyes, synthetic hair dyes, herbs, plants, leaves, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, chemicals, shampoos, hair conditioners, hair gels, hair oils, hair vitamins, hair loss treatment kits, hair loss treatment diet, hair growth enhancers, hair growth improvers, hair grow creams, hair loss treatment nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. are used since last several decades to overcome hair loss, however these may show some temporary relief to hair loss and thinning of hair but could not treat baldness permanently.

2. Hair wigs for hair loss treatment:
Several hair wigs companies are producing various types of hair wigs to cover hair loss especially on head or scalp. These hair wigs are useful for some period of time to disguise hair loss but they are indeed not as comfortable as natural hairs. These hair wigs usually pull hairs where they pinned with surrounding hairs. These also cause discomfort to head skin which they cover especially during summer season. Hair wigs are useful for people who want some delay for getting a permanent solution through natural hair transplant, because hairs on hair wigs could not grow as these have no live hair follicles, roots or hair grafts. They may be of different colors, hair styles and haircut. Several people not only use to wear hair wigs to cover their hair loss but also to have desired hair styles and makeover. People especially actors, used to wear wigs to change their hair styles during making films, videos and plays. Several Hollywood and Bollywood actors also used hair wigs before taking hair transplant treatment. They also wear hair wigs for their makeover during acting.

3. Hair extensions implants to treat hair loss:
Hair loss treatment through hair extensions is also given to individuals experiencing hair thinning or short hairs on their head. Desired length of hair extensions are used to give beautiful hair style on head. These hair extensions are made up of artificial hairs or natural dead hairs. These hair extensions are attached with natural hairs to give beautiful makeover. Hair extensions are not a permanent solution to hair loss or baldness, as these do not contain hair roots or hair follicles to grow like natural hair.

4. Synthetic hair transplant:
Synthetic hair transplant was in practice before 1983. Synthetic hair transplant or artificial hair transplant is now out of date as it was banned by US FDA during 1983 for non-biocompatibility to human skin. Synthetic hair fibers were transplanted at bald parts on human skin which had caused injuries to it and finally banned by the authority.

5. Management of baldness:
Management of baldness includes wearing hair wigs, caps, and hats; attaching hair extensions, intake of several medicines, application of medicines, hair care products’ use and using several other methods. All such practices except natural hair transplant are carried out to disguise baldness or thinning of hair on male of female head but these are not a permanent and reliable solution to baldness.

6. Baldness treatment:
Several baldness treatments are being offered by several companies, hospitals and hair care centers, saloons to overcome baldness. It may include wearing of wigs, hats, caps, hair patches, hair extensions, diet, nutrients, medicines, hair care products, herbal products, hair oils etc however it remains unaffected till suitable natural hair transplant treatment is not taken.

7. Natural hair transplant:
Natural hair transplant treatment is the best and most reliable hair loss treatment or baldness treatment. During natural hair transplant live hair grafts of an individual are replaced from donor parts to recipient parts through medical surgery. It is further divided into FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant. FUE natural hair transplant is considered as most reliable and best treatment for all natural hair transplants including baldness treatment, male pattern baldness treatment, female pattern baldness treatment, male hair transplants, female hair transplants, beard hair transplants, mustache hair transplants, beard reconstruction, mustache reconstruction, eyebrows hair transplant, eyebrows reconstruction, eyelashes hair transplant, eyebrows hair transplant, eyebrows reconstruction etc. while FUT treatment is not recommended.

8. FUE hair transplant:
FUE hair transplant is a natural hair transplant type, during which live hair follicles are replaced from one body part to another of same individual. Cross hair transplant, mean hair transplant of hair grafts of one person to bald parts of another person is not allowed yet as it is not possible nowadays. In near feature new medical researches and scientific technologies may make Cross hair transplant possible. It might then be a major achievement of medicine for humanity. FUE is a painless technique which requires no any blood for surgery. No any stitches are performed during the surgery and it leaves no any scars on skin too.

9. FUT hair transplant:
FUT hair transplant is also a natural hair transplant technique but it is less popular than that of FUE hair transplant. It is also called Strip Harvesting method of hair transplant in which a strip of skin with live hair grafts is taken from donor part and its hair grafts after dissection and separation, transplanted to recipient parts of same individual. It leaves a linear permanent scar on donor parts and also shows stitches. Some bleeding may take during the procedure of it.

10. Alopecia treatment:
Alopecia treatment being taken through natural hair transplant or FUE is best and reliable too. It is given against several types or hair loss. Natural hair transplant treatment is good for it.

11. Use of Medicines against hair loss:
Many medicines, vitamins and minerals are being prescribed by hair transplant doctors or surgeons to treat hair loss permanently, however without a natural hair transplant natural hairs could not be restored. Medicines, Vitamins and minerals may be useful for health of live hair follicles but these could not turn inactive or dead hair follicles in bald parts into live as well as active ones.

12. Hair replacement treatment:
Hair replacement is a natural treatment which deals in replacement of healthy and live natural hair grafts from donor parts to recipient parts of same person. We may use term ‘hair replacement’ instead of ‘hair transplant’.

13. Hair thinning treatment:
Natural hair transplant plays a key role in hair restoration against hair thinning on head, eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches and beard. Other hair thinning treatments are not reliable as hairs cannot grow through other alternative methods of hair transplant or hair thinning.

14. Hair transplant on wounds:
Wound, cut or injury scars can only be treated by natural hair transplantation for having growing hairs restoration on them. Natural hair transplant hence plays a big role in cosmetic surgery too.

15. Hair transplants:
Hair transplants carried out through FUE hair transplant technique are reliable and natural than other hair transplants performed through using artificial hairs, hair extensions or human hairs without live hair follicles.

16. Permanent hair transplant treatment:
Natural hair transplant is also known as permanent hair transplant treatment as it lasts lifelong and hairs grow like other natural hairs. Other hair transplant treatments are not considered as permanent hair transplant treatment due to their non compatibility to human skin and very short life.

17. Hair transplantation:
Hair transplantation is a big term which usually includes all natural hair transplants however some people providing artificial hair transplants like hair extensions, hair wigs, hair patches etc also use it for their business.

18. Follicular hair transplant:
Follicular hair transplant includes FUE and FUT natural hair transplant technologies in which follicular units are transplanted single or in groups of one to four. Follicular hair transplant through FUE is best natural treatment which is most popular nowadays.

19. Hair graft transplant:
Hair graft transplant refers to natural hair transplant in which hair grafts are transplanted. A hair graft may contain single hair follicle or a hair follicle with two to four hairs.

20. Human hair transplant:
Human hair transplant refers to natural hair transplant of hair grafts or follicular units. No any synthetic hair or hair grafts of another person can be used to treat hair loss.


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