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Which is better, hair transplant or hair wig?

Hairs are very important assets of our life. They are precious for beauty and confident personality. They can say you bye-bye anytime breaking your gorgeous appearance and affecting your physical and mental health. Hair loss (HL) is a big problem among individuals of all countries nowadays. A serious stress is developed due to it, especially when it occurs to beauty hairs that present generally on our head, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches. There are several people living worldwide who experience the loss. A noticeable hair loss is developed overtime from a small bald spot, declining hairline or little hair-thinning. This may lead to total baldness. Both males and females are victims of the disorder. They are also victims of their genes to develop it on them. When the loss turned to be noticeable, people start wearing hair-pieces, caps, hats, wigs and even hair-extensions. They disguise their bald parts with these things so that it could no more be visible to others. There are several companies worldwide which are producing different types of hair-pieces. These may be made of natural-hairs or artificial fibbers. They may be different from each other in their sizes, hair-styles and colors. Wearing these during winter is useful while it creates uneasiness during summer. These hair-pieces may damage your natural-hairs. Skin infection may occur through continuous wearing of it.
Hair-wigs, hair-extensions and hair-pieces are useful for people who want some delay to take hair transplant procedure or to appear in public for some hours experiencing noticeable HLs. They are also not comfortable to skin and body part too. You cannot take relief from sudden itch or sweat under it. They can create headache due to continuous pull and weight on scalp. Continuous use of these may lead several skin problems including most dangerous one like infection. They are available in markets in several styles, colors and hair texture, sizes, shapes and rates worldwide. These are often must have accessories for starlets and celebrities on the red carpet, film shooting and in several magazines. These are also mostly used by TV news readers, TV stars, hosts, singers etc. These are used to change hairstyle instantly during making plays, TV serials and movies. They are costly when prepared from human hairs.
In conclusion, hair-pieces are not a permanent solution for HL. Hairs on wigs, hair-extensions and hair-pieces are damaged by environment, daily use, combing and washing. Moreover, these could not grow and maintain amount of hairs on it the loss. The number of hairs or filaments on it is decreased day by day. They are also very pricey. Natural hair growth is necessary to recover daily damage and breakage to hairs. Hence hair transplant for HL is an ultimate and permanent solution for having durable beautiful and gorgeous appearance. You may only wear hair-wigs and hair-extensions to make desired hair-styles if your natural hairs are longer and fuller. No doubt, artificial hairs couldnot replace natural growing hairs. Hair-pieces are useful for temporary use. People having fuller natural hairs look more healthy and confident. Natural growing hairs are really a god gift to human beings whether it grow on head, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches. These are really valuable asset of individuals. Moreover, even body hairs are less not least useful as sometimes these may be required for donating hair grafts to treat unexpected hair loss through hair transplantation.
We at Walia Hospital Ludhiana are providing all hair transplants to treat hair losses. We had treated several people wearing hair pieces on their head. Many people also visit us daily who have discomfort with their hair pieces or wigs. Hair transplant procedures through our FUE technique are really saving them and providing them ease. They have no need to wear any hair piece or hair wig to cover their hair loss after taking our Hair transplant treatment. Our transplant hairs cover their bald parts even within a week showing significant hair growth.

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